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Reality, Perception and the Space Between
Truth is in the Context of the Creator

“Hey, Scully! Notice anything unusual about those lavender clouds?”

No, Mulder. According to the Scientific Almanac of Predictable Realities, lavender clouds are merely a result of barometric pressure, prismatically filtered light and a precise angle at which the image moves past an individual’s retina.

“I’m telling you, Scully, I have a gut feeling that says,
‘The Truth is Out There.’ ”

There are reasons that the soul struggles through its dense immersion in a physical world. The infinite wonder of creation is overwhelming to our continuous efforts to understand, label and prove. Practical needs foster fears relating to survival. We’re motivated to harness the laws of solid housing, the rules of successful harvesting and the control of invisible disease. Fear based learning seems to require the familiar assumptions of Newtonian physics. In other words, we need to interpret matter as being fixed, measurable and reliable. But what happens when this fear based learning finds matter in the form of a malignant tumor? Do we still require that matter be fixed? Or is it possible to allow fear to say, “Make it go away without explanation?”

In his book The Quantum Doctor, Dr.Amit Goswami distinguishes between mind and brain. The brain manifests as matter. The mind as a process of consciousness. In one analogy Goswami likens the brain to a hard drive and the mind to software. The hardware (brain) says, “Point A to point B is a direct route.” The software (mind) says, “I perceive a direct route from Point A to Point B. I also a perceive a mixture of emotions, sensations and inclinations which I may consider or ignore.” It is in this choice that quantum change is possible. Quantum means without cause and effect, without measurement, and without control. Until we are afraid of disease conquering our mind/body experience, we tend to cling to the brain. Quite often a threat of death is needed to consider another possibility.

Choice begins with perspective. We choose the software from which we will create.

We embrace a point of reference. That point becomes a conscious core which radiates in all directions. Like an antenna, our senses and our process incorporate more than a line from point to point. Infinite directions of sensory stimulus, vibrational data and associations are available through that chosen perspective. We learn far more than we can possibly articulate. Words, of course, are linear. As we explain any phenomenon, we reduce our learning to the laws of Newton! We don’t realize that we are denying our growth as we attempt to explain it.

Biting the bullet is a phrase used to describe the choice of disregarding impressions. As in a militant directive, “Just go from Point A to Point B, and don’t indulge in choice.” This is what we intentionally do in a laboratory when we seek to control variables. This enables us to observe cause and effect. However, when we employ this process in our ethical decision making, we fall short of our radiant soul potential. We are not employing all the dimensions of information that our mind/body antenna has accessed.

Our subtle bodies, the components of emotional and psychological vitality, have a consciousness which is partially unaware of its learning. It is when this software is incongruent with its hard drive (the physical body) that disease manifests. Medicine may look at the body like a malfunctioning machine in attempts to troubleshoot a problem. Quite often explanation eludes the testing devices. This in and of itself is a phenomenon which invokes wonder.

If we chose a perspective of limitless possibility, we might say, “Since there is no logical reason for this problem, I can reverse it without rational explanation.” Yet we’ve grown so reliant on our cause and effect rational, we tend to say, “Oh my God! I’m going to die.” The sheer fact that spontaneous healings do happen offers guidance. Unfortunately, we tend towards disbelief rather than inspiration. Are we willing to receive a godsend that we can’t explain, or do we require an explanation of logic to manifest reality?

For those who don’t require disease to break through measurable limits, consider the possibilities. Allowing the suspension of anticipated outcomes could open awareness to the limitless wonders of radiant, divine truth. Practicing from a vantage of not knowing, opens us to unexplained miracles. Creative boosts to love and laughter, simplicity in workload, and enhanced capacity to intuit solutions could be achieved without the pain of explaining how.

As the sun or a star radiates from its core, consciousness evolves. We think in a straight line, but we experience creation through infinite energy. Tuning perspective to the plethora of unspoken vibration is the gift of yoga practice. At the same time, any practice is yoga if we are willing to listen beyond logical thought.

“Mulder, about the feeling in your gut...
The truth is in there!”

by Toni Zuper
Alternative Healing
Center City, Philadelphia

published in Yoga Living -- July 2006 issue