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"Toni Zuper
Mindful Meditation"

A collection of nurturing directions consisting of guided imagery for personal practice.

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Simply listen, breathe and follow the guided images. There is just enough to do as my narration takes you out of chaos and into reflection. Simple techniques of breath and listening invoke calm throughout your experience.

This CD features 6 different meditations. Each has a different theme and intention. The menu ranges from a half hour of inner exploration to a brief and effective 3 minute respite. Enjoy whichever selection is appropriate for the moment!

Toni Zuper Mindful Meditation
CD Tracks:

[1] The Body Scan (Listen to sample)
This is an extended journey designed to find and eliminate stress. Use this selection to relieve a racing mind and reduce a tendency toward insomnia. [30 min]

[ 2] Recreating Awarness
Discover a witness perspective as you separate yourself from the essence of your distress. Creating an image of your pain can help release the experience. [21 min]

[ 3] Opening the Heart
Release tension with images. The body softens as permission for sensitivity enters. [7 min]

[ 4] Refining Focus
Distractions are nothing more than clouds in the inner world. Encourage the sun to illuminate a clear centering. [5 min 33 sec]

[ 5] Creating a Flow
Listen to the breath. Deepen into awareness. Surrender into possibilities. [5 min]

[ 6] Simple Centering
Retreat at your desk or anytime the inner world needs to quiet. [3 min]

Total Time: approx. 70 minutes

"Toni Zuper Mindful Meditation" CD
Meditation made simple.

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Price - only $14.95, plus shipping & handling




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