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Current Programs

July 29, 2012:

Wake Up Yoga

noon - 3 PM

August 12, 2012:
"Making and Using Herbal Preparations"

Shakti Yoga Healing Arts
7906 High School Rd, Elkins Park

1 - 4:30 PM

October 6, 2012:
"Introduction to Native Herbs"

Wake Up Yoga

noon - 4:30 PM

Schedule Your Own Program

Schedule Your Own Workshop

To Schedule Your Own Workshop with Toni,
call to discuss possibilities @ 215-732-6242

 Custom design a workshop for your group & location, for children and/or adults.

  Select a workshop topic from the Alternative Healing Menu:
       Shiatsu  -  Reiki  -  Yoga  -  Astrology  -  Intuitive Practices

  Create a workshop focus,  for example:
  • Shiatsu for Couples
  • Reiki, Level 1
  • Creative Yoga Programs
  • Your Sun & Moon Signs, An Introduction to Reading Your Birth Chart
  • Find Your Chakras With Pendulums
  • Fun With Fortune Telling
  See examples of PAST workshops and events below for further inspiration:

yogantics camp

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