Toni Zuper, owner/practitioner of Alternative Healing in Philadelphia, has been a professional in healing arts for 17 years.  Beginning in 1987 as a Shiatsu therapist, subsequent modalities have included Reiki, yoga, breathwork and astrology.  Toni is an intuitive who strives to translate the impressions of physical & emotional distress into conscious tools for growth & personal recovery.  Respecting vibration as the key to homeostasis (healthy balance), Toni draws from many cultural philosophies to shift stagnant & unconscious patterns into a rebirth of empowering possibilities.

Toni’s personal practice includes daily chanting & asana practice.  Her creative projects have included dance, sculpture, painting and writing.  She currently works in personal treatments, consultations, workshops and group classes.


Bachelor of Science in Communications, West Chester University 1980
Advanced Shiatsu Certificate, Ohashi Institute, 1989
Reiki Master’s Certificate, Traditional Usui Lineage 1999
Yoga Teacher Certification, Yoga on Main/Manyunk 2000
Yoga Teacher Certification, Wake Up Yoga/Fairmount 2003

Creative Work Experience

  • Freelancing art designs for restaurant menus, personalized stained glass and sculptural ceramics; 1980 through 2001.
  • Developing and Directing “Camp Daydreamer” for Haverford Township; 1988 - 1989.
  • Teaching Enrichment Classes in Bodywork, Crafts, Music, Drama & Dance for Recreational Programs in Montgomery, Delaware & Philadelphia Counties; 1980 to the present.
  • Creating & Facilitating on-site corporate programs in stress relief techniques, Yoga and Meditation; 2002 - present.
  • Writing stories, articles and lyrics for publication, live performance and personal evolution; "birth" through present.