Conscious Breathwork, a form of "circular breathing," opens up the body's innate healing potential by directing vital breath to oxygen-deprived areas. Every cell of the body breathes! Trauma victims hold their breath, and the subsequent habit of shallow breathing or holding retains pain. By moving the breath in a continuous, relaxed exchange, practitioners release unconscious body/mind distress.

Benefits of Conscious Breathwork
- relieves the pain and injuries of trauma

- liberates natural healing response

- eliminates negative coping mechanisms

- restores a feeling of lightness and free will

Virtually Anyone Can Benefit from Conscious Breathwork
- those experiencing emotional and/or creative blocks

- anyone wishing to enhance their sensitivity

- trauma victims ready to move through pain to healing

- addictive personalities ready to move through compulsion to peace, joy

- survivors needing release from guilt or grief

- sports and business competitors seeking focus, concentration, energy

Toni Zuper has explored the power of breathwork through study with indigenous healers (every primitive culture has a system of healing with breath), personal work with private and group rebirthing, HolotropicTM breath techniques, her study of dance, yoga, Shiatsu and Reiki, as well as her personal practice.