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Philadelphia shiatsu reiki yoga reflexology massages & astrology workshops
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Philadelphia massage services: shiatsu reiki breathwork reflexology reiki/shiatsu massage yoga tutorials & astrology consultation
Philadelphia astrology charts &  massage: reiki shiatsu breathwork reflexology reiki/shiatsu massage yoga tutorials & meditation
Alternative Healing in Philadelphia by Toni Zuper - masseuse yogini fortune teller

Service & Price List


Zen Shiatsu
Performed on a futon and/or massage table. This is a nurturing form of acupressure. Non-restrictive clothing is required.
$90 per hour, $45 each additional half hour

A subtle "laying on of hands". This treatment reeducates the nerves to conduct messages of pleasure rather than pain to the brain.
$115 per hour & a half, $40 each additional half hour

Reiki/Shiatsu Blend
A treatment which alternates between subtle & deep tissue application depending on the needs of the individual. Since Reiki application requires extended periods of holding, the treatment extends to one & one half hours. Clients have the opportunity to integrate energy shifts during the enhanced time.
$115 per hour & a half, $45 each additional half hour

Conscious Breathwork
Every cell of the body breathes. Conscious breathing creates access to unresolved trauma in the body tissues. As one relives the awareness of held burdens, pain and coping issues are resolved. This technique may be experienced with bodywork and/or guided imagery.
$115 per hour & a half, $45 each additional half hour

Yoga Tutorials
Private sessions focusing on the clientıs intentions. Whether seeking a meditative, toning, or rehabilitative approach to physical practice, a series of postures is formulated for individual benefit.
$80 per hour

Lunchtime Meditation
$10 Drop-in rate, call to reserve a space: 215-732-6242

Astrological Consultation
The psychology of the natal chart is one option in understanding the archetypes within. This is a fascinating approach to self awareness.
$150 for natal reading (1 1/2 hours), $100 hour for follow up work on transits

"Fortune Telling" for Workshops & Parties

Tea Leaves, Tarot Cards, Runes, I-Ching!
$200 base fee including a $20 minimum/person
(Party of 15 is $300)