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Dear Friends,

As most of you know, this year's yoga teacher training program at Shakti in Elkins Park had been pushed back to January 2012. Attached is the revised flyer including dates for the 10 monthly immersions. This training is a bit different than most being offered by yoga studios. It is my intention to facilitate the integration of asana and other mind/body benefits of classical yoga into the healing modalities of nursing, psychotherapy, as well as physical and occupational therapy. In addition to conventional medical models, I invite those in 12-Step programs to share in this exploration of limit breaking facilitation. Yoga practice alters biochemistry and frees the constraints of deeply rooted compulsions... Learn to practice from a foundation of healing play and Self recognition. Learn to be the teacher you already are.

For more information or for questions regarding content, physicality, and practice requirements, call me at 215-732-6242.

With intentions of magic and adventurous growth,
Toni Z
Alternative Healing

yoga teacher training
yoga teacher training