Shiatsu, a Japanese term for finger pressure, opens up vital energy (Chi) within an individual. The energy moves throughout the body, connecting, opening and toning physical, emotional and psychological processes. Shiatsu practitioners may choose to use hands, elbows, knees and/or feet to redirect personal energy. By expert focus on the natural ebb and flow of the energetic body, rejuvenation occurs naturally, in the true Zen manner.

Benefits of Shiatsu
- relaxes the body

- rejuvenates the outlook

- rebalances yin and yang energies

- reconnects body, mind, heart

- gains awareness of new possibilities for healthful living

- eliminates restrictive habits

Who Can Benefit from Shiatsu??
- Anyone who enjoys the benefits of healing touch.

- All ages

- Everyone has Chi, everyone can rebalance energy

- Those who are fit and strong maintain optimum condition enhance comfort, mind/body awareness, and personal abilities

- Those who are in the midst of a life transition find support for physical, emotional and psychological challenges

- Those who are ailing tone the vital systems of the body for growth, repair and coping

Toni Zuper has honed her skills as a Shiatsu professional over the past fifteen years. She holds an Advanced Shiatsu Certificate from the Ohashi Institute in New York City, has taught Shiatsu in personal enrichment programs and served as an instructor at the School of Massage Arts and Sciences in Philadelphia, PA.