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Toni Zuper integrates 30 years of personal study, professional practice, and spiritual exploration into holistic healing.

Consultations, treatments, group programs, and speaking engagements are available.

Contact Toni to discuss your needs for holistic sessions and programs.

What My Clients Are Saying…

Toni’s love of the subject in her Native Herbs for Healing workshop was so palpable that I’m sure if I had just stumbled upon the workshop without any prior interest in the topic, I would have left with just as much intrigue and curiosity. I am reminded of a quotation by J. Krishnamurti: “You know, if a teacher loves mathematics, or history, or whatever it is he teaches, then you also will love that subject, because love of something communicates itself.
Cati H, March 2012 Native Herbs for Healing Participant
She is master of healing, and she is very knowledge in helping to find the right healing path for you. during her class of many yoga students, you feel the personal touch of a one on one. She is aware of your personal needs adjustments that fit you. Over the years and many classes guided by her, every one of them, my body and soul spoke to me at the end, with gratitude, thanking me for the time well spent and the moment sensual healing.
Annie Thomason, Social Worker, Student, Client

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Toni’s teaching. Her combination of gentleness, encouragement, and skill is amazing.

Benjamin Pierce, Student
I’m especially glad & grateful to have you in my life Toni. You’re probably the one incarnate soul who truly gets where I’ve been and also that new place I continue to progress towards!
Rich Tola
Bright, creative spirit raised and lived to be streetwise, and still giving nurturing, including elementary urban youth in distressed neighborhoods. She tames and inspires kids in a playful yet tough disciplined way, through her multi-faceted skills and unceasing imagination.
Joanna Schlessinger, Client, Consultant
My gratitude for your presence in my life is hard to put in words, thank you for helping me to leave that dark space to enjoy life again. And for all the teachings along the way.
Tom Taglialatella, Client
I want to thank you for teaching me a profoundly important principle: It’s possible, essential, to learn to live comfortably in your own body! To me, this was not so obvious, although it is now a vital survival tactic. God bless your generous heart and your old fashioned tastes, reaching back lifetime after lifetime.
Robert Schneck, Client